vendredi 3 janvier 2014

Aligner des images pour "stop motion"

align_image_stack -a tif *.JPG

Make microphone work with Aspire one 522 and 722

External microphone: works fine with Ubuntu 12.04.
Internal microphone: needs manual configuration with older kernels, as follows.
With kernel 3.6 and later, everything should work without any extra setup
* Open a terminal window and run "alsamixer"
* press F6 and choose "1 HDA ATI SB" as a sound card to configure by pressing Enter
* to see the mic-related sliders, press F5 and move the cursor keys to the right, only the outermost three sliders need to be set to a level of 56 by pressing the Up key
* then, by pressing the "c" key on each of the three sliders, the volume level of each right channel needs to be put to 0
* finally, quit alsamixer by pressing ESC.
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